How can I help?

Super glad that you want to help out, this ride depends on you and your generosity. Just the fact that you are on this page is help in itself. This trip is really more of a collaboration than a one-person effort as such I have put together a list of ways that we can make this the best experience for both me and you the reader.

  • Give me feedback, I am well aware of what I am doing and I am only documenting this for the benefit of everyone else. That being said I want to make this work for everyone else.
  • If you have a bike, think you can keep up, and are self sufficient heck you are invited to come with me for as much or as little of the trip as you want. I would particularly love it if someone with interest in filming or making a documentary joined in, because I ain’t doing it.
  • Invite me out to your ultimate events, I can only do so much coordinating myself, make my life easier.
  • As always couch and floor space are appreciated anywhere along my  route.
  • If you think of anything I have forgotten, I would appreciate knowing about it.

Get in touch with me through the Contact Page.


4 thoughts on “How can I help?

  1. Quel beau projet ! Je t’encourage et je vais pensée à toi souvent. Quand tu passe dans mon coin fais-moi signe il me fera plaisir de t’héberger en espérant que je serai ici lors de ton passage.
    Ta mère québecoise

    • J’apprecie bien ta generosité en plus j’amene le casque et la corde que tu m’as emprunté il y a deux ans lors le debut de mon primere voyage en velo vers Ottawa. Tu peux prendre la corde mais j’en ai besoin le casque.

  2. hey Tim,
    Dave archibald from halifax linked me this page. suuper cool and if you need a place to stay in Oakville ontario, you are more than welcome to crash here. the 16th, (thursday) we have an ultimate game. im sure we can swing you on our team as a guest appearance.

    • Hey Kevin,
      An offer to play some disc with a friend of Dave Archibald also in a spot that is not far off course, I’d say if you can find me a couch I would absolutely put Oakville on my route plan. I assume this is May 16th that is being referred to.

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