The General Idea Story

This part of the site is a pretty big deal, so pay attention.

It actually begins with the story of me in November of 2012 out for a Saturday morning bike ride feeling a little rough due to my beverage consumption the night before. I was thinking over some of the goals which I wanted to accomplish over the next couple of years of my life, which included going on a real long bike ride and playing a competitive season of ultimate.

I played the ‘what if’  game with myself: I asked what if I were to bike across Canada. My game switched to  a ‘who would’ I visit. I began to realize that many of my connections across this vast land were in one way or another integrated into the ultimate community. My ‘what if’ game came back to me and I wondered what if I could somehow combine biking from one side of the country to the other and playing ultimate all the while.

And there you have how the idea came to be.

I am going to start at the tournament of Fools in Halifax on April 6-7 and bike on through to the Canadian Ultimate Championships in Vancouver on August 15-18. Making as many stops as I can at ultimate events along the way, whether it be a tournament, league game, practice, and/or party. I also plan on relying on the ultimate community to host me as much as possible as couches and floor space will be my bread and butter for the summer.

If this tickled your fancy and you want to know more or if it pissed you off for being too general (you should have looked at the title first), there are some more specifics about the bike, about the ultimate, and you can find out about me.

Checking out my schedule, might also do you some good.


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