The Biking Story

I realize some specific are called for here but if you really want to know about the ride you should go here, you will also find a rough idea of my schedule here.

Maybe I should share my general philosophy with regards to this bike ride, before getting into the meat we will dine on some salad. I am in no rush to complete this bike ride, as far as I am concerned this is no race. I am sure everyone knows someone’s dog walker who biked this far in 10 days going 1 billion Km/h. And I am super happy for that individual, but it won’t change what I am doing. Also if you are still on good terms with the dog walker I might want to stay at their house if it is on my route. Heck I may not even finish if I get tired or find an interesting butterfly I might just follow it all the way to Mexico.

But assuming I stick to my plan voila some general details:

  • Halifax to Vancouver
  • April 6th to August 18th
  • I will be covering nearly 7000 Km
  • I will be on the go for about 130 days
  • I will be riding a $45 bike

I think that last fact deserves a bit of a story. I was living in Rivière-du-Loup, QC at the time and I was expected to take a school bus to the Cegep where I was learning French. Being the age I was and of the mind set I had at the time I decided to set off in search of a bicycle. It was garage sale season and I came across a beauty blue road bike. Deciding to test out my French skills I bargained the Monsieur down from his original $60 asking price, suspecting that the pedals alone would be worth about that much. While I first treated her poorly adorning a fender made out of a plastic orange juice container, I began to really cherish my garage sale gem.

A real garage sale gem

My bike pre Riviere-du-Loup to Montreal ride

My fondness of the two wheel beauty led to my decision, which I also made while hungover (see here, if you don’t get the reference) to leave my French learnings early and bike to Montreal. I completed the feat in 3 days and my bike held out for the journey.

This story also gives some insight into my bike touring background. Which is limited but daring. I am looking at a daily biking average of about 70Km and I feel like I am in no rush. I will have a tent with me and a little bit of back up food so if times get tough I have no problem pulling over to the side of the road making camp and waiting to see what tomorrow brings. I also have a well accomplished hitchhiking history, see summer 2012 of ultimate touring, so if things become real rough I will fall back on that.

Should you want to know about my hitchhiking history I will briefly mention it in the ultimate story section. You can also find a little more about me here.


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