Jumping Stubble: from Plains to Mountains

So this is where 6100 Km gets you Halifax to Canmore, AB:

And this is what it does to your beard:

I pumped out a couple of long days through Saskatchewan and Alberta, peaking at 190 Km. Unfortunately I think with the terrain I have ahead of me I will not be breaking the 200 Km barrier in one day for this trip.

Getting into Alberta

Getting into Alberta

I Brooded my way into Ooo Alberta and set up for the night just beside the border in a town called Walsh. The next morning I decided it was time to deal with the wobble in my back tire due to the spoke I had broken earlier so I made haste for a bike shop in Medicine Hat. While my bike was getting fixed up I attended to some ultimate matters.

It turned out that the Hat had league that very evening so I made some arrangements while using the power outlet in a Walmart parking lot to get in on the game. I had also been contacted by a long lost high school friend, Ian, telling me about a hat tournament that the Edmonton Ultimate Players Association was hosting that weekend. I wasn’t convinced that I could make it to Edmonton in time for the tournament so I decided to file the option away for future consideration and go play some disc.

It is weird that no matter how tired I might feel getting the chance to chase down some plastic always seems to revive my legs. I met up with a great gang from Medicine Hat and the decision was made to do some post scrimmage beers and wings. A few beers later it was getting dark and I had to pedal my way back out to our playing fields and set up my tent planning to get out early in the morning as I had camped in the middle of suburbia.

I set up my tent in this field

I set up my tent in this field

With my early start achieved I battled through some serious heat to put a good day under my belt. I was also starting to grow a little tired of the endless Prairie landscape, particularly the pastureland that had few cows but plenty of dull green to look at. With this dreary landscape in mind I decided there was no way I couldn’t play in a tournament in Edmonton to brighten my spirits.

I pulled into my cousin’s house in Calgary on Thursday July 11 and got to shower for the first time since Regina which was a flood of relief. My cousin, Robyn, and Marc were super welcoming and they made me a delicious meal that evening and told me to make myself at home. It also turned out Robyn was going to Edmonton for the weekend to visit friends so I had a ride to the tournament; Stubble Jumpers.

As a tournament how can you go wrong when you offer camping, a cups tournament, good quality ultimate, solid people, and an open bar on Saturday night. Stubble Jumpers was a great time and the EUPA put on an incredible tournament. I put some game play pictures up on my facebook page. My team found some instant chemistry stemming from our name of NCSD which turned into any combination of words imaginable starting with those letters. We ended up finishing third at the tournament but as far as we were concerned we won the party, and sometimes that matters more.

Coming back to Calgary I got an opportunity to go to a skills clinic with Ultimate Rob. He also did an interview with me which has made for an interesting boost in popularity. The interview can be seen here.

I finally left the comforts of Calgary on Wednesday for the beauties of Canmore, a place where I am also lucky to have family. It was a welcome relief to see something other than Prairie flat lands especially when the something different happens to be Mountains and lakes.

I have been treated super well here enjoying the beauties of the town and a little time not on the bike. I ran an ultimate session for some biathletes who were doing off season training and have gone on some pretty nice hikes. My aunt, uncle, and cousins have been amazing hosts but tomorrow I leave and hope to crack my last province of the trip.

Oooo Alberta it sure has been nice.

A light hike outside of Canmore, AB

A light hike outside of Canmore, AB


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