The Two Weeker

Figured it was time to bust out some stats:

  • Time on the go: 2 weeks, or 14 days if you are more of a d person
  • Distance biked: 700 Km
  • Tournaments played in: 2
  • Ultimate league/practice/scrimmages attended: 5
  • Nights spent in a tent: 3
  • Money spent: $600
  • Weigh in: 184 lbs
  • Number of times I have spoken with my parents: 0
My route 2 weeks in

My route 2 weeks in

I feel like I am already up to my eyeballs in social debt. I mentioned the amazing hospitality of my host Jordan in Moncton, not only was he great for driving me out to the ultimate league nights breaking with his Lebron-esque tradition of biking out. He also biked into Moncton with me from Shediac taking the afternoon away from work where he kicked my ass on the grind in, we were going into the most hellacious headwind of the trip thus far. Then at his place he helped me get rid of an annoying squeak that had developed in my chain all the while cooking delicious meals for the both of us and offering me the beer from his fridge. I can only hope one day I get to return the favour. His girlfriend, Laura, who I had met in Charlottetown is moving to Guelph in the near future and as a disc playing cyclist, I have no doubts she will find a solid crew there. I hope to see her and maybe Jordan, if he is up for a visit, at Gender Blender when I pass through.

Hilarious campsite

Hilarious campsite

Moncton was an interesting city that I have never really got to know in my travels. I still feel that the day and a half I spent there leaves much to the imagination. The people there are incredible and I love the mix of both French and English. I played league twice there both times comig out on the losing side of some good games. I set out from Moncton and made Fredericton in two days. On the first day out my IT band was bugging me a little and I decided to pull up a little early to give it a breather. Stopping in a campground, on Grand Lake, that seemed all too surprised to have someone looking to tent as they didn’t plan on opening for another month. The owners gave me free reign to select a campsite after my assurances that not having running water or a toliet wouldn’t be a problem so I plopped my tent down under a gazebo as it seemed to be the surest dry ground I could find.

As if all my hosts to date hadn’t been amazing enough Sam and Mike continued the trend in Fredericton. Giving me a place to sleep and cooking me a great curry on the night of my arrival and delievering me cereal in the morning. Friday night I got to spectate on some tournament planning for the Fredericton crew as they discussed their coveted beach tournament, Parlee, and a new one they are trying to organize called Summer Slam in August. And we headed out to one of the last indoor Spawn practices of the year which is always a good mix of experienced vets and young fresh talent. Afterwards some of us went and grabbed beers and some eats, a huge thank you to the magnificient ladies Sonya and Becky for picking up my tab, completely unnecessary but very much appreciated.

I am taking the weekend off in Fredericton, so no ultimate and definitely no biking. Just alot of foam rolling and eating. My thoughts are starting to turn towards the francophone portion of my journey.

Moncton was as sweet as the people who live there.

Edmunston, in due time you are on deck.


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