The Tall Tale of Toothless Tim

I am in Moncton, if you are at all interested. The PEI leg is all wrapped up, I got a lot of comments about how PEI was out of my way and a bit of a detour, I myself had doubts about whether I would actually make the in and out over the Confederation Bridge given the ferry wasn’t running. However, having witnessed the beauty, studied the storied history of the ultimate scene, tasted the burger love, and met some of the most happy go lucky individuals whose kindness is second to none I can say that PEI was anything but a detour; it was the red dirt in the mix of the foundation for my journey.

Moncton is actually a pivotal city in my personal ultimate playing history with two unique stories which both revolve around one man: Andrew Creeggan, an ultimate playing musician and who, yes, was once a member of the former Canadian rock legend group the Bare Naked Ladies. Now I like Andrew, but I haven’t walked away from all our encounters with a full smile. I wouldn’t go as far to say we are lovers in a dangerous time but we’re ultimate friends. The first time I met Andrew was two years ago when I was looking for a team to pick up with at an Edmunston tournament known as June Bug. He was then captaining the Moncton mixed touring team and gave me a chance to join them. I didn’t have a ride so I hitch hiked my way down to the tournament, having been given the idea by Quebecois ultimate legend Marc Dallaire the summer before. I had hitch hiked before and I had picked up on an ultimate team before but this was the first, but certainly not the last, time I combined the two. In this case you could say it hadn’t all been done before.

Things get toothless in the recounting of the second time I ran into Andrew, literally. It had been one week and 10 months since we had last seen one another and we met at the Right to Play tournament in Moncton hosted by the Université de Moncton. We were playing on two different teams and we ended up in the finals against one another. Due to an unfortunate up the line cut head collided with tooth and I went down lying in bed just like Brian Wilson did. Much to the delight of a dentist in Fredericton with whom I established a very expensive relationship, I am sure if Andrew had a 1 000 000 dollars he would have helped me out. This is also why I now play with a mouth guard.

The above pics were taken by Fredericton residents, Sam and Mike, which is where I was last weekend playing in Playa Hatas Bowl. I got a ride down with some Islanders who were also tournament participants. My team, Spunk, came out a little below expectations but the tournament itself was exceptionally run even if a knee ligament was torn in doing so. The party on Saturday was quite something and and while I only claimed $30 in my budget section, had I been at an actual bar I am sure my tab would have been electric. This is probably what contributed to my sleeping space for the night being spent in the electrical closet of an apartment building a mere 10m away from the amazingly comfortable bed my wonderful host, Kayla, had reserved for me. Reminiscent of the Tremblant hotel laundry room sleep of several years ago.

Driving back to the Island post tournament and going out for some Chinese led us to think that playing a little Sunday night indoor ultimate was just what we needed and I got some more exposure to The PEI ultimate scene.

I branched out from the Island the next day, being Monday, and stopped at a breathtaking campsite in New Brunswick just after the bridge. However, I am self imposing a rule where I will no longer be biking on post-tournamnet Mondays. Not even the free 50th wedding anniversary celebration cake I received with lunch could get me over my fatigue. But hitting the campsite, almost being a part of an expecting couple’s photo shoot, and roasting some meat on a stick over a fire made for a lovely Monday evening. The sunset was quite something too.

I was sorry to break camp and head for Moncton, but I had been promised a place to stay with a bunch of bike stuff lying around by Jordan my host. Jordan was actually one of the first people to reach out to me completely of his own initiative having seen my website out on facebook. Am I ever glad he did as he has been an incredible host and he even took the afternoon off work to ride with me into Moncton. But more on the story of his amazing generosity later.

There are Moncton league games to be played and a day off that will involve neither bread nor biking, but I do plan on eating an entire box of cereal. Then my handlebars turn towards Fredericton.

As always the pictures page is being updated as I go.

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PEI what you lack in size you make up for in character both hilly and otherwise and you were anything but a detour.

Moncton you were on deck but I already made it.

Fredericton you are on deck.


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