Truro my Ruro: the tale of a near miss

Rainy ride just outside of Truro

Rainy ride just outside of Truro

I promised myself I wouldn’t bike in the rain too much. That promise was broken all too quickly. But nevertheless I was off and it felt great, well for the most part it did.

My weekend was complete: the University of New Brunswick team, Red Ono, had beat seed and finished 5th at the tournament. We had a good run playing a universe point in the snow in the first game to nearly all of us getting sunburnt on Saturday afternoon and Sunday. DKUT did a good job organizing the tournament and I dug the Salty bake table. A big thank you to my team as well for letting me take it easy on Sunday so that I would actually be able to bike my first 100 odd Km on Monday, who doesn’t love downwind handling. My knee was bugging me a little bit.

I know, a little too early for my liking to complain about injuries still have alot of road ahead of me. I would suggest that a pool be started to see how far I actually make it, but you would need to put me down for Vancouver and that carries quite a bit of bias. Also Tanner I made it past Truro so you are already wrong. Haha.

My path was set for Truro where I would be staying with a friend from ultimate. I am thinking I should just change the name to ulTIMate couch surfing, as I think I will be saying this often.

My ride started out with the company of a friend, David Archibald (author of yesterdays post), who I had only met on Friday. But my Halifax billet had put us in the position of knowing so much about one another, we couldn’t help but be connected. And in between beers on Friday, on field battles in our first game  Saturday, wine behind dumpsters before the party, and a somewhat similar approach to life in general Dave offered to accompany me out for the first 25 Km of my ride.

We had a solid rip, Dave introducing me to a whole series of winding bike paths beside a beautiful Nova Scotia landscape with lovely lakes and just great riding in general, despite the cooler temperatures and light drizzle.

My parting gift from Dave

My parting gift from Dave

We parted ways at the Inn On The Lake in  Waverly, which very well could be someone’s favourite place in the entire World. It wasn’t for myself nor Dave, but it was nice and was a great spot for him to turn back and me to keep on keeping on. Just before we parted ways Dave gifted me with a bandanna, pictured on right. I was touched by his gesture and put it in my pocket. I also hoped that every cool cat I ran into wouldn’t be giving me gifts because I am packed tight enough as it is.

I continued on from the Inn settling into a nice rhythm stopping for a Trucker’s breakfast at around 9:30. Pushing on from there I admired the rolling hills of Nova Scotia and the incredible-ness  of the journey I was undertaking. It might have been this admiring, that not long after that shameless selfie pic at the beginning of this post, around Brookfield, NS, that I hit the railroad tracks the wrong way and went down for the count.

Now I had considered not sharing the story of my derailment, to save my mother, other mothers, and mother-like individuals from concern. However, not only does it make for some suspenseful reading, but also this trip is about honesty and openness. I feel we learn the most from our falls and maybe others will too.

So if you ever find yourself biking from Halifax to Truro taking old highway number 2, a route I would highly recommend, be careful of  the angled train tracks near Brookfield. Otherwise you might find yourself face first in the side of road with your bike on top of you.

Now while my ride was a little derailed I seem to have come through unscathed. Thanks in part to the bandanna I put in the left pocket of my jacket, softening the blow to my ribs significantly, which are only a dull roar of pain at the moment. To get thrown like that there is no real training you can do to prepare yourself for it. But when you get off track, even though you got railroaded you just have to keep chugging. Really I just got lucky. I also hope the literary genius in this paragraph didn’t go unnoticed.

I made it to Blake Archibald’s (no relation to Dave, well they claim to be distant cousins) Truro residence without further incident. And set myself up for a beautiful day of rest with some first class hospitality from Blake and his family. I cannot express how incredible his family has been, and I would recommend that everyone passing through Truro should try and stop over at his place,  even if you don’t know them.

Tomorrow I set my sights on camping somewhere near the bridge across to PEI probably still on the mainland. And the following day I make for Charlottetown, where it seems like they have an event organized coinciding with my arrival. I will leave my bike on the island and try to hitchhike or ride share  into Fredericton for a weekend of ultimate and come back to my bike to continue the journey.

I am still looking for a team for nationals in Vancouver in August. I would sum up my weekend of playing as average. So if that interests you get at me.

I am doing my darnedest to tweet at least once a day, so if you are at that point in your life where you think you need to hear from me that often give me a follow

Truro I liked your wooden sculptures. The road is calling and I am excited to answer it.

Campsite somewhere in the Maritimes you are on deck.

Charlottetown you are in the hole.


4 thoughts on “Truro my Ruro: the tale of a near miss

  1. Je lis tous tes blogs et j’essaie de bien comprendre ce que tu écris,(mon anglais est pas très parfait) je suis contente de voir que ton péripe est bien antamé et je pense à toi pour que tout se passe bien. J’attend ton passage avec impacience.

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