It has begun

Well I am not even sure where or how to start but I guess I will just write and see where I end up.

Sunrise on Day 1 in Halifax

Sunrise on Day 1 in Halifax

Officially, as far as I am concerned, my trip started at 6:30 AM on Saturday April 6, 2013 when I biked down to the Atlantic ocean in Halifax and watched the sunrise. Symbolically I felt this metaphorically got me underway seeing the sunrise over the Atlantic and hopefully 129 days later I will see it set over the Pacific and thus close out my journey. Maybe the idea is a little too romantic but I was awake and willing to ride at the time.

I guess before I get too deep into the Halifax event I should back up and say that I arrived safely on the East coast. The train, as always, was a great ride, but only for those who don’t need to be anywhere fast and want to enjoy the view along the way, which is about as good a description as I would give my trip. I should note that the train was not the same wine slinging, friend making odyssey that I had a few years back when I took it out West. Safe to say it was a much more subdued affair. I did get chatting with a gentleman who was advocating to restore the Ocean to daily service and insure the rail line between Campbellton and Moncton stays open. If that sounds at all interesting to you, they have a FB page here

Arriving in Halifax I put my bike together at the train station and cruised up to my first couch of the journey. And what a couch it has been. The lovely Elyse and her housemates have been extremely accommodating throughout my stay and the couch was a comfortable affair. We also sat down and watched the movie One Week to add little more something to the cross Canada tour on 2 wheels. Visiting with some other friends and taking a light spin to make sure the wheels were working, pretty well sums up the non-ultimate side to my Halifax adventure.

The ultimate side will probably get its own post in a day or two but for now that will have to wait.

I have also added a new page that links to a select few pictures that I am taking along the way, check it out.

Tomorrow I set my compass for the West, and it looks like I might have a little company on the way out.

Halifax you were a dream.

Truro you are on deck.


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