Bags are packed and a 12 year relationship ended…

…with my water bottle

After 12 long years, it was time for retirement.

After 12 long years, it was time for retirement.

For those who know me, this is a big deal. Almost everywhere I went that water bottle did too. Putting in time in 4 different continents from the purity of the great lakes, to the icy streams of the Himalayan mountains, to the spigots of Spain, and the wells of West Africa my mouth ever lingered on its rim. So many stories, but alas the time had come to find another purpose for it. What that will be I am still undecided, maybe a potted plant or something.

It has been replaced, by a more journey practical companion, one made of stainless steel so that should I ever find myself alone and hungry on the side of the road I can make backup rice over a fire.

Also I am getting on a train today bound for Halifax. I am as prepared or as unprepared as I can be, depending on how you like your liquid that takes up half of a cylindrical container, either way I am leaving.

Water my ride.

Water my ride.

I spent a good few days getting things ready. Cleaning off my bike, replacing or getting spares for as many parts as a budget conscious person can, and in general just lubing it up and rubbing it off.

I also had to cut down everything I wanted to bring so as it would fit on to a bike, which was no easy feat. Especially when it came to choosing between sweaters  or which tent offered the best comfort to weight and size ratio. There were some real difficult moments struggling between the practicality of warm clothing and the razzle dazzle of an African suit.

But in the end decisions had to be made and the bike is boxed and ready to be taken on the train. Appreciation to my folks for helping me get things up and running even if it did take over the entire house at times. This trip is about to get under way and one way or another I will figure out what my plan is.

Halifax you are on deck.


4 thoughts on “Bags are packed and a 12 year relationship ended…

    • Well good, I couldn’t imagine what I might do without a spot in Fergus. But in all seriousness I may need a week at your place to recover from Gender Blender.

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