You got questions?

In these past couple of days I have been getting a lot of questions with regards to this whole idea. So I decided I would see what I could do to answer a few of the more common ones.

Also my social media advisers have been telling me to tweet twice a day, facebook once every two days, and update this website two times per week as minimums. Seems a little much, but I am working on a production schedule.

Your first question might be who are your social media advisers?

Well, you are. All you have to do is contact me. I would love to hear from you particularly if you have lower standards in the amount of output you are expecting from me.

When are you coming to ‘insert name of your town here’ or where do you think you will be on ‘insert date here’?

Love the fact that you care but in all honesty I have no clue. There is a rough idea in my schedule, but this trip is built on spontaneous unexpectedness. Additionally there are break downs in both bike and body, weather events, and interesting butterflies that all could disrupt my plans.

Do you have a place to stay every night along the way?

Not at all. At Least my first stop in Halifax is taken care of, no Quanndry there. But as I said my schedule is unpredictable. I always end up exactly where I want to be, even if it is not where I planned. Plus I have my tent with me as a fall back.

What happens if you injure yourself on the first day?

Well Negative Nelly, it would be unreasonable not to at least consider the possibility of an injury that could unhinge all of my plans. If things get real bad one option I might consider is stopping and working for a few months, buying a motorcycle, and finishing the trip in record time closer to the end of the summer.

How are you paying for this trip?

I am very financially exposed in the my budget section. Should you care to look. One could argue that I am hoping it will cost less than what one might spend in a semester of post secondary education in a Canadian institution, except in Quebec.

Soo have you been doing a lot of training?

Nope. I would use the words soft and rusty to describe both my biking and ultimate skills at this point in time. Training starts on day one.

Do you have a team for Nationals in Vancouver?

I thought you would never ask. I do not and I am interested.


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